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Ultraman Ace, Urutoraman Ēsu, Ultraman Leo, Urutoraman Reo, and Astra, Austria 13: Three members of the Ultra Brothers that appeared in Shos recollection scene within the fight against Juda Spectre. Ultraman Leo, Urutoraman Reo, 1, Finale: An Ultraman from Nebula L77 within the Leo constellation who assumed the guise of Gen Otori, Ōtori Gen, while protecting Earth, also being Zeros trainer throughout the last exile from Land of Light. Ultraman, Urutoraman Gaia, and Ultraman Dyna, Urutoraman Daina: Alongside Tiga, their apparition appeared when Ultraman Ginga Victory used their signature attacks, Photon Edge, Foton Ejji and Solgent Ray, Sorujento Kōsen towards Gua Spectre. Ultraman Ginga Victory, Urutoraman Ginga Bikutorī, 14: The mixed type of Ultraman Ginga and Victory.

Hikaru Raidō/Ultraman Ginga, Raidō Hikaru/Urutoraman Ginga, 13, 14, X The Film: The principal character of Ultraman Ginga and Ginga S. Throughout Molds assault, he sneaked into another portal made by Mold Spectre and eliminated the Gua Military Armada earlier than using it to get to Xs world and help his associate, and Ultraman X. Hikaru Raidō is reprised by Takuya Negishi, Negishi Takuya. Along with the series cyberpunk motif, the 1982 science fiction movie Tron movie was tailored properly. Sho/Ultraman Victory, Shō/Urutorman Bikutorī, The Movie: Following his ultimate combat with Juda Spectre, he becomes abducted into Xs world alongside Arisa using Mold Spectre till they take refuge in Xio.

Dealing with the Xio members and X, he battled them and effortlessly overpowered the resistance until x performed a kamikaze attack, which killed both him and Geeza. Whereas thought to be useless, Geeza, in truth, survived his destruction and deliberated the Darkish Thunder Vitality, Dāku Sandā Enajī attack on Earth whereas slowly recovering his energy, racing towards the Earth and contemplated absorbing the Spark Dolls to strengthen himself earlier than destroying the Earth. Void Monster Greeza Kokū Kaijū Gurīza, 1, 4, 21, 22 is the first antagonist of Ultraman x. called the mysterious luminescent ultraman Merch life shape, Nazo no Hakkō Seimei-tai in the beginning, he’s a sentient area void that had destroyed three planets which emitted biological life signs and units the Solar System as his recent target.

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