Edge-to-Edge Experience: iPhone 15’s Bezel-Less Possibility

Edge-to-Edge Experience: iPhone 15's Bezel-Less Possibility

According to reports from esteemed sources like Mark Gurman, the iPhone 15 series will be released for pre-orders on the 12th or 13th of September and then go on sale one week later. This year, Apple is said to add a dark red new color to the lineup.

There is also speculation that the Pro or Pro Max models will get A new periscope lens allowing them to zoom six times optically.

120Hz display

The iPhone 14 Pro was the first time Apple introduced a 120Hz display for its flagship model but it seems like it is going to keep the feature limited only to iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Plus. That’s unfortunate since Apple’s standard iPhone models fall further behind Android counterparts with regard to display technology.

The Pro-variants of the phone include ProMotion that is a pulsating 120Hz screen that adjusts its rate of refresh based on the activity at hand for battery efficiency. This is the same method the majority of other mobile makers have adopted to enhance their phones’ battery performance as well, so there’s an excuse for Apple to not offer it in its standard iPhones.

As per a tweet by Ross Young, an expert on technology for display displays, it’s unlikely that Apple will introduce 120Hz on the existing iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. The expert says BOE the company that Apple uses as its major suppliers, won’t be able to possess LTPO screens ready to launch in time and therefore, Apple will probably use 60Hz screens in its basic iPhone models in the coming year.

Camera Periscope

Apple will soon set the new standard in smartphone photography with the addition of a periscope camera in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This new and innovative feature allows 5x or even 6x optical zoom. That’s far more than the standard 3x zoom available on iPhones.

The periscope lens uses a prism to fold the lenses and direct it towards the camera. It allows for a larger lens, without occupying the interior space. The results are impressive, with high-quality images that show incredible detail across all levels of zoom.

Periscope cameras have been an increasingly popular feature of Android phones for some time and now manufacturers like Huawei and Samsung offering phones with Periscope technology. However, this is the first time that Apple will include it on its flagship device.

The most reputable analyst as well as Apple oracle expert Ming-Chi Kwong predicts that Apple will limit the camera’s periscope iphone 15 pro 256gb capabilities to the high-end Pro and Pro Max models in the coming year, and that trend continues until 2024. There is a chance that the lower-end premium iPhones do not come with the periscope camera since it’s costly for Apple to bring the technology into its products. This would be in line previously reported rumors which have claimed that the company would only introduce advanced features on its top-end model.

Audio enhancements

Apple’s idea of having an all-screen phone could be a realisation with the iPhone 15. It is believed that the Pro or Max models may be stripped of bezels entirely that will allow them to be similar to those of the Pixel 3 and Galaxy S10 in terms of screen size. The new method of “LIPO” (low-injection pressure over-molding) may be able to make this happen cutting the edges of phones by 1.5 millimeters.

In iOS 15, Apple enhances the audio capabilities to enhance your video calls and other apps, such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Instagram. Mic Mode processing is focused the conversation, cuts down background noise, and increases low-volume sounds. It is possible to enable the feature when you swipe down from the top left corner of your phone’s display.

Another brand new feature is Wide Spectrum mode, which enhances audio by capturing all the sounds in the room in a video chat. The feature is available now via FaceTime and is also coming to various other applications, such as WhatsApp, Zoom, and even the GPS system in your car. This can be done by launching the Control Center during a video call, and then tapping on the Wide Spectrum button. It is a wonderful way to connect with friends who are far away. There is the option to also join in FaceTime calls. FaceTime phone call and enjoy the music together.

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