Nausea After Eating – Why is This Happening to You?

Do you feel nausea after eating certain foods?

If you are feeling sick after eating, this is not a big reason for worrying. We all sometimes feel the same.

Experiencing a sensation of nausea is extremely discomforting, but it does not have to cause an alarm. Surely, there are medical conditions that can also produce this symptom, but there is no need to be scared every time you feel nauseous.

Nausea after eating can be a result of too much stress or bad eating habits. It could also be related to the foods you consume and how your digestive system accepts them.

If you are constantly feeling nauseous after eating or you are experiencing other symptoms besides this one, you should visit your doctor’s office for a check-up.

Why Do I Feel Sick After Eating?

There are numerous factors as to why this can be happening to you. Have a look at the most common reasons behind this uncomfortable sensation.

Allergies and Food Intolerance

Food AllergyFood allergies are known to be the most common cause of nausea. If your body is intolerant to certain foods, chances are that consuming them will cause nausea symptoms.

How to treat this? Start taking your allergies seriously. The best way to treat this is by avoiding foods you are allergic to. After all, nausea is sometimes the least serious symptom that may occur as a result of allergies.

Psychological Causes of Nausea

Have you ever felt nauseous in a stressful period? Perhaps before having an important meeting or even before an exam?

Of course you have. Yes, nausea after eating may also occur because of psychological factors.

People may experience nausea as the body’s reaction to stress and anxiety. Chronic anxiety or stress can influence the body functions. This then leads to the production of chemicals and hormones that affect your digestive system and cause you nausea.


Pregnancy and Nausea
It’s hard to have appetite during the first months of pregnancy!

When it comes to being pregnant, this is a commonly known symptom.

Pregnant women in the first and last trimester often feel nauseous after meals. Therefore, if you are a woman experiencing nausea after eating, take this fact into consideration.

You may as well be carrying a baby that is causing this. If you do, the sole fact that a tiny person is causing all that trouble can be your biggest nausea relief.


Abdomen discomfort can cause bloating and nausea symptoms. The most common indigestion cause is GERD, a condition that develops due to excessive acid production in the stomach (see acid reflux remedies).

Stomach Bug

Stomach BugIf you just started experiencing nausea after eating, there is a good chance that you have a stomach bug. This comes in combination with other symptoms such as a fever, diarrhea and stomach aches. Stomach bugs are caused by viral infections.

Viral gastroenteritis or the stomach flu are one example of stomach bugs. But don’t worry. These are usually resolved without medical treatment and with proper hydration.

Eating Too Much or Too Quickly

Nowadays people are always in a hurry and rarely have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal. Sometimes we forget to put food in our mouth for hours. What happens later is that we eat until we are completely full.

If you are feeling sick after eating you should consider – are you eating too quickly or too much? Nausea can be caused by not chewing thoroughly or eating big quantities of food.


People with history of chronic headaches and migraines often experience nausea. If you are suffering from chronic migraine, this may be the cause for your nausea after eating.

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome is a condition that causes the body to have nausea and vomiting sensation, without experiencing other symptoms. We are speaking of attacks of long bouts of nausea that last for days and occur in cycles.


GallstonesStomach pain and nausea after eating can be caused by gallstones.

If you are feeling pain in the upper right side, you should go see your doctor and check if you have gallstones.

It is an uncomfortable feeling, that’s for sure, but luckily, there are many home remedies for nausea that can help you get some relief from this unpleasant sensation, such as good nutrition, change in diet and rest.

Have a peak at our list of most effective home remedies for nausea.

We would like to hear from you now, is there anything else that causes you nausea after eating?


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