Mom’s Experience on Morning Sickness Remedies

I’ve soon learned that morning sickness remedies can be your best friends during the first months of your pregnancy, when your days are going to be really hard from when you first wake up!

When I was pregnant, the first thing I realized was that morning sickness lasted a lot longer than the first trimester.

I was desperate…how to get rid or morning sickness?

I didn’t want to take a lot of medication when I was pregnant because I would worry about the side effects on my baby. The most important thing for me was to have a happy and healthy kid.

But that wasn’t going to happen when I was losing weight while pregnant.

So, the first thing I tried were home remedies for morning sickness.

Ginger, the Best Morning Sickness Cure

Ginger for Morning Sickness Remedies

I happen to be one of the lucky ones who loves the way Ginger tastes.

The best part about using Ginger to cure my morning sickness was that I got to eat lots of gingersnap cookies. The gingersnap cookies with some ginger tea seem to settle my stomach, and I was able to hold down some food.

Who doesn’t like eating cookies for breakfast?

Another great thing with Ginger was ginger ale. The best ginger ale I found was a Ginger brew. This ginger ale is super strong, super fizzy, and it helped settle my stomach because of the Ginger as well as the carbonation.

Try ginger ale as home remedy for morning sickness and see. It is recommended as nausea remedy in general, and morning sickness is not much different.

Saltine Crackers, Bland Morning Sickness Remedies

This home remedy for morning sickness goes back to the time of my grandmother. Everyone I know has eaten saltine crackers to help cure their morning sickness.

Unfortunately, I loathe saltine crackers.

Did they work to reduce my morning sickness symptoms? I guess…but they were dry, salty, and bitter: everything that I couldn’t stomach.


Although, not as good as ginger ale, sometimes Sprite was a little easier to handle because it lacked the strong taste of ginger ale.

I loved sprite for my morning sickness because it was a simple answer.

To be honest, sometimes Coca Cola works too for the same purpose.

Morning Sickness Pill

I tried various over the counter pills for morning sickness. But, most of the products, were just fancy forms of Ginger.

From drops to lozenges the active ingredients in almost all of the morning sickness remedies was that yummy root (you know, Ginger).

Some of the morning sickness pills were hard candy with essential oils that companies added into them.

The problem with essential oils is that the dosages aren’t regulated.

These oils can be fatal if dosed at the wrong level. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t going to risk it without knowing the dosages, and when you are carrying a baby, the fear is even bigger.

Candy! The Miracle Morning Sickness Cure

Let’s be real, if I am going to just eat Ginger (pretty much the best home remedy for morning sickness), then it’s going to be candy.

A bit of warning about the ginger candy, though, they are very spicy. I had to start off with just 1/2 of a piece. Even then the candy was spicy hot. I know a lot of people who cannot handle the intensity of Ginger spice.

The ginger chews worked so well that I still use them when I get any type of upset stomach. It wasn’t just something to help with my morning sickness.

It helped with everything about my pregnancy digestive issues.

Lemon Water

Sucking a slice of fresh lemon is not only tasty (well, I like it) and refreshing, it also helps coping with the unpleasant feeling of nausea.

If the concentrated lemon taste is too much for you, try squeezing some lemon juice in your water, I am sure it will at least alleviate your morning sickness symptoms.

I am not a big fan of bottled lemon juice, so I’d say go for the real lemon next time!

Well, we all agree that nausea symptoms are very unpleasant, and when they have to last for months that’s something only a mother can survive! Hopefully knowing about some home remedies for morning sickness will make this time less hard for you.

Let us know how you coped with your morning sickness, maybe you have some little secrets that could help others in the future!


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