What are the Best Home Remedies for Weight Loss? Not Only Diet…

It can be disheartening to watch the numbers on the scale go up and up.

As the scale starts to climb you start looking for home remedies for weight loss.

Now, there are tons of supplements and pills that you can take that claim to help with weight loss, but I am not going to talk about those in this article.

This is going to focus 100% natural at home ways that you can lose weight.

What Are the Home Remedies for Weight Loss?

The number one home remedy for weight loss is a simple method called fork down and push away.

Everyone knows you’re supposed to eat less and move more for weight loss, but how you implement that into your life can really impact the effectiveness of any weight loss routine.

Fork Down, What Does That Mean?

Putting your fork down in between bites slows your eating speed.

When you eat your body releases hormones that let your brain know that you have started eating, and then will let your brain know that you should be full. Unfortunately, those hormones take a while to be triggered and for your brain to recognize them. So practice putting your fork down all the way onto your plate.

As you chew your food, take a sip of water in between bites these two things will help you slow your eating.

Push Away?

Another way to trick your body for weight loss is to push food away from you as soon as you start to feel full.

Eating is a social process.

At the family dinner table, it is easy to pick at your plate while talking to your family. Pushing your meal away from you is a visual cue that you are done eating.

This works even though there may be food left on your plate.

Eat More Healthy

White Meat Home Remedy for Weight LossEating less is an an obvious home remedy for weight loss, but it’s not enough. What you eat can make a huge impact on your weight loss dreams.

Eating healthy is a must if you want to start losing weight.

Avoid fast foods and processed foods, starting today. No more of that junk.

I know it’s easy to get, I know that many times we don’t have time to go home and cook and a drive thru is the perfect solution. But please, stop doing it and get a salad instead.

No BeerStart eating more lean/white meats (chicken and turkey breast), fish (tuna is great), fruits and vegetables (salads, chicken salads), whole grains (rich in fiber) etc.

Quit alcohol, even socially. Stop drinking beer too. Alcohol and especially beer are rich in sugar and estrogen (which causes weight gain and belly fat).

Cut Out Sugary Drinks

The worst culprit in the war against an expanding waistline is sugary drinks. A lot of people think that sugary drinks just mean soda and sweet tea.Sugary Drinks

This is not true!

Some of the highest calorie drinks include dairy products and fruit juices. Most of us think that fruit juice and a glass of cold milk are good for us. It is confusing when we’re told to stop drinking them because of the calories.

The problem with fruit juice is that it doesn’t have any fiber.

The reason that fruit is so good for you is that it’s chocked full of healthy fiber that slows the digestion process and makes you feel full. You should read our High Fiber Foods article if you want to know more.

When we prepare fruit and juice, we take away all of the good stuff and just leave the sugar. When you drink apple juice and orange juice, just think about it like drinking a full glass of sugar water.

What About Dairy?

I absolutely love a glass of milk in the morning. I don’t blame you if you’re the same way. But if you’re looking for a home remedy for weight loss then cutting back your dairy intake or changing to low-fat milk is going to make a huge difference.

Control Your Portions to Lose Weight

Portion control is one of the best home remedies for weight loss.

If you are not sure what a reasonable portion of food is, there are plenty of books and websites that help you. Determine what a portion of protein, carbohydrates, fruit, and vegetables look like so you know what you’re eating.

Did you know that a serving of meat is about the size of a deck of cards?

If you have some severe portion distortion, it could be leading to weight gain or even stopping your weight loss.

Start Walking

Walking is fantastic exercise. For some reason, when we think about how to lose weight at home, we believe that we have to start with some insane training program.

Most of us are not in good enough shape to start running a marathon or doing crazy calisthenics. Walking is a fantastic exercise because it gets your heart rate up, and it starts to increase your metabolism.

Who knew something as easy as walking could be so good for you?

Small changes in your daily routine can also make a huge difference and help you stay healthy.

For example if you are used take the elevator to get to your office, start using the stairs. It could be a great remedy for weight loss too.

As far as home remedies for weight loss are concerned, walking takes the cake!

What are some small changes that you’ve made in your life that helped you lose weight?


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