Stuffy Nose? Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Does your nose drip and you sound funny, but nothing comes out when you try to blow? Unfortunately, you are suffering from a stuffy nose.

The reason behind a clogged nose lies in the inflamed blood vessels located in the sinuses. This creates quite an uncomfortable and irritable sensation.

But, regardless of the reason, there are effective home remedies for nasal congestion you should try out to breathe better.

Effective Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Aside from what people often think, a dry nose cannot help you get rid of the nasal congestion. The sinuses and the nasal passages should be kept moist if you want to fight off this condition.

To keep the nasal passages and the sinuses moist, you can try out some of these home remedies for nasal congestion.

1. Humidifier

A humidifier is your easy, quick way out of sinus pain and stuffy nose sensation. This machine is known to be a great remedy for nasal congestion, aside from its many other advantages.

Breathing moist air is known to soothe the swollen blood vessels, your aching sinuses, and the irritated nose tissues. Additionally, it helps by thinning the sinus’s mucus.

Put a humidifier in your room, especially if you are often suffering from nose and throat inflammations. Once you know all the benefits of a humidifier you’ll understand why it is such a great device.

Do you know that between 40-50% is the best humidity for the house?

2. Sinus Rinse with Salt Water

A saline solution is another way to hydrate your nose. When you blow your nose and nothing comes out, it means the mucus is stuck in your sinuses.

A nose rinse can reach those spots, and the salt water solution will basically help you thin the mucus and decrease the inflammation of the blood vessels.

You could make a saline mix at home, but there are also numerous saline nasal sprays and sinus rinse solutions available over the counter.

3. Horseradish

This is an old school nasal congestion home remedy, and it is known for its abilities to clear the sinuses. Fortunately, it is in the same family of wasabi and mustard, so you can freely add it to your favorite sandwich.

If you like sushi, you know how wasabi can clear your nose!

Alternatively, you can use this remedy with some olive oil and lemon juice. Some people like to spread this blend on some cracker and nibble it. The nose should start draining after a little while.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Grab some apple cider vinegar, and mix it in a glass of water to get rid of nasal congestion. If you wish to sweeten the taste of this beverage, you can always add some honey to it.

The potassium in the apple cider vinegar thins the mucus while its acid prevents the growth of bacteria.

5. Steam

Steam can be used in two ways when it comes to nasal congestion.Steam to relieve runny nose

  1. Take a hot shower. The shower steam will thin out the mucus and help you reduce the inflammation. This may not be long-lasting, but it should definitely get you some instant relief from congestion.
  2. Boil some water with essential oils. Place your head over the bucket and cover it with a towel. Make sure to take deep breaths from both your nose and mouth.

6. Heat

Yes, I know I mentioned heat as a part of the steaming process, but there are also many other natural remedies for nasal congestion that include heat.

I find warm tea, and a nice homemade warm soup, to help me relieve the stuffy nose. This is also an excellent sore throat remedy.

Also, a warm compress can also serve as a good nasal congestion remedy. Do you know how cool compresses are commonly used as a high fever remedy? Well, this is the opposite solution. Heat will help the mucus to get out.

Well, this is the opposite solution. Heat will help the mucus to get out.

Try this out by soaking a towel in some warm water instead and place it over the forehead.

7. Hydrate

Water is the best cure for everything. Aside from being a famous sore throat and cold remedy, water is actually one of the most effective nasal congestion remedies too.

Stay hydrated to thin the mucus in the nasal passages. The best option is to drink warm liquids, so sip on some warm water or of course, a tea.


On average, it is quite common to have a stuffy nose at least once a year, so why not try these home remedies for congested nose next time? There are some over-the-counter medicines that can help too, but make sure to try out a natural way first.

Seeing that stuffy nose is most commonly a symptom of a cold or a sinus infection, these nasal congestion remedies should help you get rid of the pain and the difficult breathing in a very short period of time.


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