Home Remedies for Migraines – Do’s & Don’ts, and Dietary Advice

Home remedies for migraines are one of the most popular searches on the internet when it comes to finding the best natural remedies for any disease.

It’s because, with stomach ache and back pain, headaches are very common and frequent in people.

Technically a headache is called migraine, but we all seem to prefer to call it headache, and there are several different kinds, depending on where the pain is, how intense it is, how often it happens and the way it develops.


Fortunately, a headache often goes away during the first few hours and, in this case, it may have been caused by a very stressful day, tiredness, or by a particular concern.

In women, it recurs regularly once a month in the vicinity of the menstrual cycle. In these cases, it is caused by hormonal changes, typical of the period.


If we want to be picky, migraine refers to more severe types of headache.

Usually, a migraine seems to be continuously hammering your head, so much that even the classic analgesics are helpless. This may be the bell for other more serious diseases, where a migraine is just a symptom.

A migraine is usually chronic, and very bad, when people suffer from one of these serious diseases:

  • AIDS
  • Shingles
  • Strokes
  • Hypertension
  • Leukemia
  • Meningitis
  • Chickenpox

But don’t be too alarmed, the cause for you could just be a flu or sinus.

Best Home Remedies for Migraines

Alright, now that we have a better understanding of a migraine, and of what could possibly have caused it, it’s time to find out what the best home remedies for migraines are.


As always, let’s start with a list of natural migraine remedies, that usually can give some fast relief. I am sure you already know about some of them, but hopefully you are going to learn some more, and find your solution.

  • Take pain medication and go to bed. Migraine symptoms are very mild after a good night’s sleep. This is probably the first and most common and popular home remedy for migraines.
  • Engage in some low-intensity sports activity is a good way to help your body fight a migraine. Of course, this applies when the symptoms are mild, not when you have an intense migraine.
  • Some report that it helps when you sleep on your back because it relaxes the head muscles more

    Massage to relieve migraine
    Try to massage the temples. It usually relieves the headache symptoms
  • Cold and heat: many people benefit from cold bags applied on their forehead, while another benefit from warm showers or baths, and hot water bags on their head. These home remedies for migraines are definitely old school and worth a try.
  • Breath deeply: deep breaths promote relaxation and help get rid of the tension.
  • Massage that area on your hand, between the thumb and the index (I learned this when I was a child).
  • Turn off the lights: intense lights, fluorescent lamps, and all other light sources can trigger or worsen a headache or migraine. For this reason, when you go out (especially in the summer), it is better to always wear sunglasses.


Sometimes people rush into trying new home remedies for migraines, with the risk of worsening the symptoms or causing new related disorders.

  • Too many headache pills
    Refrain from taking too many headache pills

    Don’t take too much pain medication with the hope that a headache can be defeated with just a high dose.

  • Don’t wait: headache medications need to be taken from the very first symptoms in order to act quickly. If you wait too long, the migraine can worsen and at that point you might be tempted to take high doses (see above).
  • Don’t take too many day naps: a short sleep can alleviate a migraine, but avoid frequent naps. Such habit may increase the incidence of headaches and cause sleep disorders.
  • Don’t assume awkward postures at work. Avoid tensing your neck muscles to avoid headaches. Sit upright and keep your chin up.

Chiropractors stress about this, and if you work on computers, raise the monitors so that the bottom of the monitor is at the same height of your eyes. For more info read this Neck Muscle Pain article.

  • Avoid tension in the body, many patients complain about headaches when they are particularly tense. If you find yourself with clenched teeth, shoulders, and fists, those could be warning signs.
  • Avoid being around loud noise as it is a common trigger of a migraine.

What to Eat

Some foods or drinks can be very beneficial as natural migraine remedies.

  • Eat fruit and vegetables as they are rich in antioxidants (vitamin C and E).
  • Many people confirm that having a coffee as soon as they experience symptoms of a migraine gives them relief. Don’t exceed though.
  • When you eat cold foods or beverages (ice creams, ice cold drinks etc.) do it slowly. This is more to avoid the well-known brain freeze.
  • Drink plenty of water (especially useful for hangovers!).

What to Avoid

Avoiding certain foods or beverages are not to be considered real natural headache remedies, but the following is some advice that can help prevent headaches or avoid making them worse.

  • Avoid eating foods hard to digest (fat, fried, greasy foods).
  • Wine, beer and alcohol in general: alcohol abuse can cause the well-known hangover headache.
  • Milk: this is specific to certain people that are particularly sensitive. It can trigger a migraine. I have never experienced “milk headaches”, but some apparently do.
  • Avoid chocolate when you have a migraine.
  • Avoid aspartame.
  • Avoid food dyes if you are sensitive. Dyes can not only trigger a headache but also anger and aggressiveness in sensitive people or those allergic to it (especially many young kids).


You now know that a migraine is a type of headache, and hopefully, after reading this and the home remedies for headache articles, you have a better understanding of the best practices to relieve a headache or migraine. Especially if you know what the causes of headaches are, and how to prevent them.

By the way, what are your home remedies for migraines? How do you get rid of them?


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  1. I have a terrible migraine and I find sleeping it off to be my best remedy. Even if you take a pill, if you do not go to bed right after, the headache will not stop.

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