Home Remedies for Earache – How to Relieve Ear Pain

Earaches can drive you to distraction. It is hard to focus on what you need to do when there is the constant nag of an earache. Most of the time a busy life means that a little ear pain won’t lead to a visit to the doctor’s office. What are the most efficient home remedies for earache, and when should you see a doctor?

Natural and OTC Home Remedies For Earache

To be honest with you,

One of the simplest home remedies for earache is to take an over the counter pain medication.

NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are very effective at reducing inflammation in the ear that may be causing pain in the ear canal. Always take NSAIDs with the label instructions in mind.

Hot or Cold Compress

A warm compress, or cold compress, can be an excellent way to reduce an earache.

Hot compresses work because the heat and steam can increase the blood flow to the ear canal.

In addition to applying a warm compress to the ear, a person can apply a hot compress to the throat. This can help alleviate tense muscles that could be causing earache.

Cold compresses can reduce swelling and help relieve pressure in the ear. Using a cool compress over a hot compress is a matter of personal preference. You may find that one of them provides more relief than the other.

As far as home remedies for earache go, hot or cold compress will provide an inexpensive treatment.

 Warm Olive Oil

Luke warm olive oil has been proven to provide almost as much relief for an earache as over the counter ear drops. The key to using the olive oil is not to heat it above body temperature.

Olive oil for earacheIf you get the oil too hot you can end up burning your ear drum, and then you will have more problems than when you started.

If you want to try warm olive oil as a treatment for younger children, make sure that you discuss this with their doctor first.

Infants, toddlers, and younger children have different Eustachian tubes than adults and may require different treatment.

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Using an onion to treat an earache can be done in two ways: slicing the onion in half and placing it on your ear or by creating onion oil.

  • Onion Oil: to make onion oil, you soak minced onion in olive oil. You should strain the oil and onion mixture.

Then you can warm the oil the same way you would warm plain olive oil. Then, placing a few drops of onion oil into the infected ear, should provide some relief from the ear pain.

  • Sliced Onion: slice an onion in half and put it in a warm moist rag. Place this as a compress on the infected ear. Onions have many antiseptic qualities that can draw out infection and help heal the ear.

Sliced onion compress is one of the home remedies for earache that can contribute to treating the infection in the ear.

Over the Counter Ear Drops

There are many over the counter ear drops that are designed to alleviate an earache. These drops can be very soothing to an infected ear.

There are also over the counter homeopathic drops that you can buy to treat the ear pain. Depending on your preference for the way the drops are made, either type should be able to help with your ear.

When to See a Doctor

With ear pain, it can be hard to know when you should go to see a doctor. If a small child has ear pain, you should always try to see a doctor.

If you have had consistent ear pain for over three days, then it is imperative to see a physician. When an earache also has a fever, you will need to visit your doctor. A fever with your ear pain could mean that you have an ear infection that needs antibiotics.

Letting an earache go without treatment could lead to a ruptured eardrum. Take any fever seriously to avoid the risk.

Are there any  home remedies for earache that we forgot? What are your favorite?


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