Home Remedies for Dark Circles – The Best Alternative to Expensive Cosmetics

If you have developed some dark circles under your eyes, there is no need to worry. These may look serious now, but they are relatively easy to remove with the help of some home remedies for dark circles.

The main causes of dark circles are aging, heredity, stress and inadequate sleep. There is no such thing as a risk group. Both men and women of every age can have them.

Bags under eyes
Big bags under the eyes

No doubt you have heard of expensive cosmetic products (or actually tried some out), with the purpose of alleviating this problem.

However, even if they are successful in doing so, these are rich in chemicals that can irritate the skin under your eyes.

So, why would you do that to your skin, especially since there are some simple dark circles remedies you can try out first?

Natural Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Dark circles are not a serious medical problem, but they can ruin your general appearance. People with shadows under their eyes look older, unhealthy and exhausted.

You can get rid of dark circles by using some of my favorite natural remedies for bags under the eyes.

Almond Oil

Applying a bit of almond oil over your dark circles will help fade the shadows under your eyes. This dark circles remedy is amazing in treating the delicate skin that surrounds your eyes.

You should massage the oil into the skin before going to bed, leave it overnight and wash it off with cold water in the morning.


You can lighten the dark circles by using the natural bleaching agents contained in raw potatoes. Additionally, this remedy should relieve the puffiness you have around the eyes.

What you should do is grate some raw potatoes and extract their juice. Use the juice over your closed eyes with the help of a soaked cotton ball. The juice should cover both the eyelids and the dark circles.

This remedy should be kept onto the eyes for a duration of 10 minutes, after which you can rinse your eyelids with cool water.

The potato slices are also a good way of removing dark circles.


Cucumber is rich in astringent and skin-lightening properties that can help get rid of dark circles.Cucumber to cure dark circles

You have two options:

  1. Cut a cucumber into slices and put them in the refrigerator to cool. Then put the cooled slices onto your dark circles.
  2. Mix some cucumber juice and lemon juice and apply this mixture onto your eyes with the help of a cotton ball. Fifteen minutes is quite enough before you wash the eyes off with some cool water.


Tomatoes are one of the most commonly used home remedies for dark circles due to their bleaching properties. These work by lightening the skin under your eyes.

A single teaspoon of tomato juice in combination with some lemon juice is a magical dark circles mixture. Apply it to your dark circles gently and keep it there for about 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can drink some tomato juice with lemon juice and salt. Doing this a few times a day for a longer period of time can help you get rid of dark circles.

Tea Bags

Known for its soothing properties, tea is one of the top natural home remedies for bags under the eyes. Actually, it is a great remedy for eye infections, too.

It contains antioxidants and caffeine that can help you get dark circles and puffiness relief at the same time. Tea bags work by shrinking the blood vessels under the eyes and reducing the retention of fluid.

Green or black tea are the best choice for your dark circles. Cool them in the refrigerator for half an hour and place one over each eye. Leave them there for 15 minutes.


Water is the most important thing the body needs. The dark circles under your eyes may be a sign that you are living an unhealthy life and can often be a sign of insufficient fluids.

Drinking plenty of water is the best home remedy for any problem you have, actually. If you try and add some more fluids to your daily diet, and you will see how fast you will get rid of the dark circles under your eyes.

If you work at a desk, keep a bottle beside you. Fill it up in the morning, and force yourself to drink it all by the end of the day.

Adding water enhancers can help with the taste and invite you to drink more too.


Having bags under the eyes is not attractive at all. When you have them and do not treat them, you will definitely look older or even sick. You don’t want to look like Uncle Fester, do you?

Of course you don’t. This is why you should try some of the best home remedies for dark circles and get rid of those ugly bags as soon as possible.


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