How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks – 4 Smart Tips That You Didn’t Know

Most of us have wondered how to get rid of stretch marks. The easiest way to spot a mom at the pool (aside from the brood of children behind her) are stretch marks.

Now, there are a few lucky women who survived their entire pregnancy without a single stretch mark. I don’t know any of these unicorns, so if you happen to meet one, catch it. I’m sure you’ll get a pretty penny at the mystical creature market.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are small bands of skin that are often a different color or texture than the other skin around them.

Some stretch marks can look almost identical to regular skin while other stretch marks are dark purple in color.

Stretch marks are typically seen after a rapid gain in weight or during pregnancy.

They are the result of the skin accommodating the extra tissue underneath (or, you know, a whole human).

What Will My Stretch Marks Look Like?

Stretch MarksStretch marks are genetic. Bummer, I know.

So if your mother had stretch marks, you are likely to have stretch marks too.

In the same fashion whatever the stretch marks in your family look like are probably the same that yours will look like.

Are There Any Home Remedies for Stretch Marks?

There are eighteen million home products that say they know how to get rid of stretch marks. But nothing is guaranteed to get rid of stretch marks.

What do you mean I can’t get rid of my stretch marks?

Now, calm down.

Your life isn’t over. You can still wear a bikini at the pool. I do have some tips to make the stretch marks more comfortable and less noticeable.


Dry skin is not as pliable as hydrated skin. A lot of women believe using cocoa butter during pregnancy on their belly will eliminate stretch marks before they occur.

Unfortunately, if your genetics say you will get stretch marks you will get stretch marks.  But hydrating stretch marks after is a natural remedy for the itching they do as they heal.

Camouflage Those Stretch Marks

So, you can’t prevent stretch marks.

You can’t get rid of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks CamouflageWhat can you do?

Learn from nature, start to camouflage those things. The best way is to make sure that the skin color is all the same. One of the biggest reasons that stretch marks stand out is that they are a different color than the rest of the skin.

Self Tanner

This trick you want to try on a test spot before you go all crazy and slather your whole belly in self-tanner.

Why? Well, self-tanner will either conceal your stretch marks, or it will make them worse.

Many women (myself included) get stretch marks all over their bodies. I got them on the backs of my arms, knees, belly and breasts. So when I tried the self-tanner to see if it would work, I tried it on my stretch marks on my breasts at first.

I was thankful I did, the first brand I tried made my skin too dark, and it made my stretch marks look highlighted. My friend who tried it, though, had amazing results, and it almost made her stretch marks invisible.

Color Correcting Body Lotion

This method doesn’t get rid of stretch marks either.

Remember they are little scars all over your body because you’re a superhero who grew an entire person inside you

But it does help with confidence. I liked the color correcting body lotion a lot more because it seemed to have a more even effect for my stretch marks.

My stretch marks were a bit older, and their coloring was just slightly different than the rest of my skin.

I find that color correcting lotion is fantastic for when I want to feel less aware of my stretch marks.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks Forever

Wait… What?

Haven’t I been telling you that there is no cure for stretch marks and that you can’t even prevent them? What is with the 180 flip?

Well, the last tip on how to get rid of stretch marks at home has to do with how you look at them. Stretch marks are only gross because people say they are ugly, so we want to hide them.

We see no ads with women with stretch marks, and most of our moms did their best to hide them. So start by knowing those rolly polly lines down your stomach are proof that you are a magical hero.

They are evidence of your super power.

Your body is amazing and will stretch, bend, and move to make room for anything. Stretch marks are marvelous proof that your body loves you. All of you. If you love them, they will disappear, because you won’t worry the stretch marks are there.

Plus, many women don’t even want to get rid of stretch marks due to pregnancy. They reminder of their kids!


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