Here’s How to Get Rid of Constipation at Home – Do You Drink Enough?

Sometimes it happens. We fail to see the first signs of constipation and it’s too late to prevent it. Then we are stuck with it…literally. So, how to get rid of constipation at home?
First of all we need to remember that constipation is essentially a symptom, therefore it can be caused by various factors.

When it presents with blood in the stool, vomit, fever, anemia, or abdominal cramps it becomes essential to call the doctor and go through a medical examination to ensure the absence of some more serious disease.

The same applies if constipation occurs to someone that has never had such a problem and has always been very regular.

In this article we will analyze the best ways to get rid constipation at home, when it has nothing to do with more serious diseases.

Basically if you are experiencing some occasional irregularity or stool that is harder than usual, this article will hopefully give you some tips on how to get rid of it.

Understanding Constipation

The longer the journey to the rectum, the more water is lost, making the stool harder

It’s important to understand that constipation is the result of a series of factors that cause low intestinal motility (reduced bowel movement):

  • Excessive consumption of meat and sugars
  • Very low consumption of fruit, vegetables, cereals (fibers)
  • Poor physical activity
  • Little fluids in the diet (not enough water, especially)
  • Long or frequent trips

are the most common causes of constipation and predisposing factors.

Also the modern lifestyle, that often causes stress can contribute to mess up with our regularity. Those factors, in some cases, can also cause insomnia.

Do you ever realize that you haven’t had the time to go use the bathroom? And then, as soon as you sit on the toilet, you have to push a little too hard?

It is common, when you travel a lot, to force yourself to use the bathroom even when you don’t really feel the urge, just because you don’t know when you will have the next opportunity.

All this causes distress in the rectal muscles and the accumulation of stool in the intestine, which usually makes it worse.

And don’t forget that also the abuse of laxatives can irritate the colon and be dangerous.

So, what to do to get rid of constipation?

A Few Tips to Get Rid of Constipation

Let’s start with some prevention.

  • First of all, don’t forget to use the bathroom. We are all busy…work, kids, anything…but we need to find that time of the day where we relax and have a bowel movement, otherwise your body learns to ignore the stimuli.
  • Avoid to push hard. Among the other reasons, it can cause the inflammation of the hemorrhoids. So, use the bathroom when you feel the stimuli, don’t force it if you don’t feel that it comes natural.
  • Drink more fluids, have plenty of water. Normally, stool is composed of 75% water. If you don’t drink enough, the stool doesn’t mix with enough water and becomes more firm. Sometimes you may feel like you don’t have the necessity to drink, but keep a bottle of water with you at work, at home etc. and drink frequently.

    Fiber to fix constipation
    Want to fix constipation? Do you eat enough fiber in your diet?
  • Eat more foods that contain fibers, without exceeding. Fruit, vegetables and cereals are high fiber foods and help you have bowel movements. But you have to drink lots of fluid for fibers to work well and help you prevent, or get rid of constipation.
  • Prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Bowel movements can be very painful otherwise, and happen less frequently because of that, and eventually cause constipation.
  • Use laxatives only when necessary and do not abuse. They help, but it is natural to experience the absence of movements for a day or two. Addiction could become a problem, and often people can go use the bathroom only after taking laxatives, compromising the regular bowel activity.
  • Eat plums and prunes, they are probably the most well known natural laxative. The are not only home remedies for constipation, but also for cholesterol.
  • Drink apple juice, grapes juice and prunes juice. Everybody knows that they help soften the stool. Also coconut water is really good for constipation.
  • Eat legumes. Especially beans, I am sure you know this already, because they are rich in fibers they help find the lost regularity.
  • Do physical activity. Exercise is an important ingredient to prevent and treat constipation. According to the experts it contributes to regularize bowel activity.
  • Kiwis, many of our readers reported that they are excellent.


There must be many other good natural remedies to get rid of constipation out there.  If none worked, then maybe it’s time to try some more medical/over-the-counter constipation treatments.

Which remedies do you think are missing in this article?


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