Early Signs of Pregnancy – What Are They and How Long Do They Last?

Unless you’ve been trying (for a while) to have a baby, it can be hard to know exactly when you’re pregnant. How will you know the early signs of pregnancy?

There are some ladies out there who have tracked their period from the start of their very first menstrual cycle.

And congratulations to those women, they deserve an award.

I don’t happen to be one of those people. I needed a sign to show me I was pregnant. Most of the time it was my husband who would let me know (based on my fantastic attitude) that I was about to start my cycle.

I know this is not the most efficient way of knowing whether or not you’re pregnant, but it had always worked for me.

Flu as an Early Sign of Pregnancy?

A lot of women report to their doctor with a case of the flu.

They say that they feel:

  • Tired
  • Run down
  • Body aches
  • Miserable
  • Queasy

After a brief chat with their doctor, or nurse (go nurses!), they are sent in for a urine test.


They don’t have the flu. There is no strange new virus floating around. They have a baby, or will in about nine months.

Watch the Breasts

Breasts ChangesNow, I’m not trying to be crass or vulgar. One of the early signs of pregnancy can be a change in breasts. There is either an enlargement of breast tissue, a change in size shape or color of the nipple, or sore and tender breast tissue.

If you’re lucky, you only have one of these warning signs of pregnancy from your body.

Vomit – The Worst Symptom of Pregnancy

Some women claim that they never had this early pregnancy sign. For me, it was like mother nature turned on a neon welcome sign in a pitch black room. A neon sign that said, “no food allowed.”

The room was my stomach.

Nausea NOT Confined to the First Trimester

One of the myths about this common pregnancy sign is that nausea (commonly known as morning sickness) will go away. Twelve weeks of an upset tummy isn’t too bad, right? Well… some women experience this tale-tale pregnancy sign into their 3rd trimester.

Watch for a Light Period

Now this never happened to me. But, one of the reasons that women can make it into their 2nd trimester without knowing they’re pregnant is implantation bleeding.

That sounds frightening and severe. Should I worry?


Implantation bleeding is typical in early pregnancy. It is so common that women often mistake it for their regular menstrual cycle.

Missed Period

Yes, this seems like a simple clue that you may be pregnant. But as early signs of pregnancy go, this one gets ignored more often than not.

Stress, hormonal changes, and even diet can cause missed periods. So a lot of women don’t think about it when it happens.

If you’ve missed your menses, go to the doctor!

Other Early Pregnancy Symptoms

The ones I just described are the most common early signs that pregnant women (including me) experience.

Pregnancy SignsOn top of those, here is what you may also notice:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Increased sensitivity to smell
  • Mood changes, frequent ups and downs
  • Frequent urination
  • Diarrhea

Will I Get All the Early Signs of Pregnancy?

The short answer is no.

Every woman experiences early pregnancy signs in a different way. Some women have a very pleasant experience during their first trimester. Only to later have a horrible 3rd trimester.

Very lucky women describe a “euphoric feeling” as an early sign that there is a bun in the oven.

The unlucky women get a combination of all the symptoms of early pregnancy, and they last through all three trimesters.

Will Every Pregnancy Be the Same?

Each pregnancy is different. So, while your first pregnancy may have you convinced you will never eat again (like it did for me): the second pregnancy could be sunshine and rainbows all the way to the delivery room.

Will My Pregnancy Symptoms Be the Same as My Moms?

Just remember that your body is going to talk to you in its special language. If you normally have sore breasts before your cycle, I would not count on this symptom of early pregnancy as your best warning.

The early signs of pregnancy are going to be unique to your body and hormones.

What were the best, and worst, ways you knew you were pregnant?


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