The Typical Dry Skin Causes That You Should Know

Our skin is not only the biggest, but one of the most important organs of our body. Its many functions include appearance, temperature control, sense of touch and even protection.

However, often dry skin causes our skin to feel tight, rough and even itchy. When the skin is dry, it loses its ability to function well, and we may become less sensitive to touch and more prone to infections.

If you want to know what may cause dry skin a, and prevent it, keep reading.

Typical Dry Skin Causes

The two primary causes of dry skin are:

  • Loss of oils
  • Loss of water

When the outermost skin layer, also called barrier layer, suffers from water or oils loss, the skin becomes dry. Generally, there are few factors that can cause the skin to dry, and cause discomfort.

External Dry Skin Causes

Certain external factors can cause the natural barrier of the skin to become compromised, which then leads to moisture loss.

Cold and Dry Weather

Have you noticed how your skin tends to become more dry than usual in winter?

The cold air has much less moisture than the warm air. This is why our skin is dry in cold weather.

Air Systems

When winter comes, the cold weather comes with it. So, we usually prefer to stay warm and use the heating systems, which can be yet another cause of our dry skin.

You wouldn’t want to be cold only because this dries up your skin, of course. So, try out some humidifiers to add some moisture in your home.

Hot Showers

You surely enjoy your hot showers and baths, especially in the winter. I understand this, but your skin will not.

Hot baths and showers will dry your skin, especially if they are long. Try to use lukewarm weather instead, and have quicker showers. Additionally, apply some moisturisers for dry skin right after you get out of the shower.


Certain winter clothing is a cause of your dry body skin. Sweaters keep you warm but, depending on the material, they can cause skin irritation and dry skin.

If your skin is dry, you really should switch to soft fabric materials. And if you love your grandma’s sweater as much as I do, you can always wear it over a cotton shirt.

The Sun

Damaged/dry skin is more frequent in the summer, especially when we get sunburned.

Even though there are many medications and sunburn remedies available, you definitely should avoid being too exposed to the ultraviolet light.

Also, remember that the sun does not only shine in the summer. Winter sun can be as damaging as the summer sun.

Frequent Washing

Everyone says: wash your hands more often to get rid of the bacteria. This is true, but too frequent washing is one of the most common dry skin causes.

For example, if you wash dishes without rubber gloves, have you noticed how dry your hands get afterwards? That is because water and soap remove the natural skin oil.

And like we said above, long hot showers are known to remove the skin barrier lipids.

Some Medications

There are also certain medications that can cause dry skin. These drugs change the moisture levels in the skin.

Facial Skin Care

If you are suffering from dry face skin, your daily skin care is probably the cause. Inappropriate face skin routine includes the use of unsuitable products and strong soaps.

Internal Dry Skin Causes

Aside from the external factors and the improper care, there are also many internal dry skin causes that are more difficult to control. These causes of dry skin include:


Genetics can determine the characteristics of your skin. And I am not only speaking of pigmentation, but also of moisture and lipid levels.

This means that, despite being exposed to identical conditions as your friends, you may be more at risk of having dry skin than they are.


Changes in hormone levels can cause dry skin in people. This may happen in adolescence, menopause, and even pregnancy.

When this happens, the moisture balance of the skin is affected, which in return causes your skin to dry.


The skin needs vitamins and liquids that must be consumed with nutrition. When we are eating unhealthy food and do not consume the necessary nutrients, this causes dry skin.


The skin ages as any other organ in the body. As any other organ becomes less able to perform its function as we age, the skin also becomes less able to produce lipids.


Dry skin is a common condition and there are many causes of dry skin that trigger it. Luckily, there are many home remedies for dry skin that can actually help us not only treat, but also prevent this from happening.

What are you waiting for? Check what they are and try them out today!


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