5 Diaper Rash Remedies to Keep Your Baby (and You) Happy

Any parent you ask will probably tell you about a horrible time that their child got terrible diaper rash.

That story is immediately followed by the best and worst diaper rash remedies that they’ve found.

Nothing is worse than going to change a diaper for your little one and finding inflamed rashy-redness.

What Is Diaper Rash?
What Is a Diaper Rash
You feel so bad once you realize how irritated their skin got. Hurry and find a diaper rash remedy!

A diaper rash is an inflammation of the baby’s skin caused by prolonged exposure to a wet diaper.

Some babies are very sensitive and will get diaper rash in no time flat.

Other kids seem to be more tolerant and don’t get diaper rash as often.

If diaper rash appears to be more than a few red bumps, a rash, or general irritation, then you need to consult a doctor because it could be a yeast infection or an allergic reaction.

Best Diaper Rash Remedies

For the standard diaper rash problems, we have come up with a few of the best diaper rash remedies that you can use for your little one.

No one enjoys a cranky baby and, with diaper rash, your child is sure to be extra sensitive.

Let’s take a look at how we can cure and prevent common diaper rash.

1. Use a Protective Ointment

Diaper creams and ointments that are designed to help your baby not develop diaper rash.

There are plenty of different brands available at your pharmacy or local grocery store. You can try each one and see which works best for your little one.

Usually, you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying a top brand diaper rash ointment.

I also used plain old Vaseline several times, and it seemed to get the job done. When I needed the extra powered stuff, I always used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. I’m not sure if it worked any different than any other brand, but I like the name and the cartoon baby on the package.

I’d say that if you are looking for a home remedy for diaper rash, or even just for prevention, go with that one or the Burt’s Bees one.

2. Change The Diaper More Often

When diaper rash gets severe, you may find yourself changing diapers more often.

Changing a diaper as soon as it gets wet can be the key to preventing diaper rash from getting worse once it has developed. Changing a diaper more often can also prevent diaper rash from occurring in the first place.

Keep your baby dry as much as possible.

3. Change Diaper Brands

Disposable diapers have chemical beads inside the liner that absorb wetness.

Sometimes babies are just allergic to the chemical composition of an individual brand of diapers. My son could not wear the Huggies brand diaper, while my neighbor’s son could only wear Huggies brand.

Sometimes, changing the brand of diaper is all you need to get rid of an irritated bum.

4. Use Cloth Diaper

If ointments, diaper changes, and changing brands all fail, you can always switch to cloth diapers.

Now, no one wants to wash diapers by hand. The thought of scraping poop into a toilet out of a diaper isn’t appealing to most. But if your baby cannot get rid of diaper rash it may be the only diaper rash remedy that will make your kid comfortable.

Cloth diapers do not have all the chemicals that disposable diapers have.

For this reason, many women choose to use cloth diapers from the beginning. Cloth diapers have come a long way since your grandma’s time.

They even have customizable outside liners.

You can make a fabric diaper part of your babies wardrobe and not only will there butt feel better, but it will have more design options on the material than a disposable diaper.

5. Go Without A Diaper

Again, no one wants to walk around cleaning up urine and poop off of their floors. The thought of it grosses me out.

Surprised Baby
Wait, what? No diaper?!

Unfortunately, if diaper rash gets awful, this may be your only option to cure diaper rash on your baby.

Since moisture in contact with skin causes diaper rash, leaving the diaper off for a few days may clear it up.

If you work and have to put your baby in daycare, this may not be the best diaper rash remedy for you.

But you can always leave the baby diaper free when you’re at home. It is also the best way to potty train toddlers!


Were there any diaper rash remedies that we didn’t list? Please drop a line and give your own special advice!


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