Dark Circles Remedies, Causes and Prevention

Today I want to help you with some dark circles remedies. Dark circles are those dark blemishes around the eyes, that are typically attributed to lack of sleep.

But is it always true? Or are there other causes?

Either way, it’s not fun to wake up and realize that you look like a drug addict.

Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money on products that can hide the dark circles around the eyes, and that should be your last trick.

First, it’s important to get informed on what causes dark circles and how to prevent them or cure them with natural remedies.

Causes of Dark Circles

Dark circles can be caused by different factors such as:

  • Hereditary component
  • Lifestyle
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Constant rubbing of the eyes
  • Stress

    Sleep deprivation
    Ever been like this guy?
  • Repeated face wash with hot water
  • Skin aging
  • Swelling of the eyes (bags under the eyes)
  • Skin dehydration
  • Anemia
  • Smoking
  • Lack of sleep
  • Menstruation

So, clearly, if you have dark circles it’s not just because you didn’t get enough sleep, like people usually think, or at least that is not the main cause.

Sometimes they can also be a side effect of certain drugs.

We’ve already discussed some natural remedies for dark circles, and in this article I would like to give some more tips on how to get rid of them.

Dark Circles Remedies – Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to get rid of dark circles with natural remedies.


  • Apply cold packs under the eyes. The cold reduces the swelling that comes with dark circles.
  • Moist the skin around your eyes. In addition to being an effective remedy for black circles it delays, as much as possible, the formation of wrinkles.
  • Of course, sleeping 7/8 hours per night is one of the most popular and natural dark circles remedies. Lack of sleep favors the accumulation of blood around the eyes.
  • Sleeping with your upper body slightly raised from the flat position can help prevent excessive reflux of blood into the eye sockets.
  • Drink at least 8 cups of water per day, to keep you and your skin hydrated and more elastic.
  • This is a trick, but you can use some dark makeup to mask dark circles.
  • When they are caused by a cold, flu anemia etc. the only remedy is to cure those ailments.


  • Don’t rub your eyes continuously.
  • Don’t scratch the skin under the eyes, which is very delicate.
  • Don’t use aggressive cleansing products.
  • Don’t wash your face with water that is too hot.
  • Don’t stay up late and sleep only a few hours per night.
  • Don’t smoke or stay in polluted environments for too long.
  • Don’t expose to the sun without proper UV protection. Same for tanning studios.
  • Don’t apply an ice bag directly on the eye. It’s preferable to wrap it in a soft cloth.

Did You Know Diet Can Help Against Dark Circles?

An unbalanced or unhealthy diet can promote the formation of dark circles. It is therefore recommended to follow these simple food remedies to help prevent the circles.

What to Eat

  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, as they are rich in antioxidants (vitamin C and E).
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C: citrus fruits, kiwi, berries, grape juice etc.
  • In addition, foods rich in iron (dark chocolate, lentils etc.) are particularly indicated to alleviate dark circles in patients with anemia.

These foods should be taken in combination with vitamin C to facilitate iron absorption.

What to Avoid

Try to avoid foods rich in salt, as they can accentuate dark circles, and also avoid tea and coffee, as they interfere with the absorption of iron (anemic people should limit the intake).

How to Prevent Dark Circles

If you want to prevent the formation of dark circles around the eyes, it is highly recommended that you follow a certain lifestyle:

  • Sleep at least 7/8 hours per night.
  • Always protect your skin from direct sun exposure (especially under your eyes).
  • “Feed” your skin with hydrating creams.
  • Wear sunglasses when you are in the sun.


If you want to share some remedies for dark circles that I forgot to mention in this article, please feel free to do so, I want to hear from you! Use the comments below to share.


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