What Is the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Hemorrhoids can really ruin an airline flight or make sitting through a movie difficult. You’re so distracted with the symptoms you are unable to enjoy yourself! Keep reading to learn the best hemorrhoid treatments available.

Some of these hemorrhoid cures do not even require a trip to the pharmacy!

Lifestyle Modifications for Treating Hemorrhoids

Adopting some of the following suggestions can help prevent and improve your hemorrhoids.

Good Bathroom Habits

The first and best hemorrhoid treatment is actually prevention, followed by lifestyle changes that can ease the pain and reduce the hemorrhoids symptoms:

  • Let it go: if you need to go, just go. Holding back can promote constipation, which can lead to hard stools and straining, and cause hemorrhoids; two big no-nos.
  • Use quality products: instead of rubbing dry paper over that sensitive and inflamed area, try pre moistened towelettes. Make sure not to flush them as they can back up your plumbing.
  • Get into a routine: to avoid extra pressure that can exacerbate your hemorrhoids, only go when you need to go. Don’t sit and strain or sit on the pot for more than a few minutes.
  • The right position: in Asian countries, toilets resemble urinals tipped sideways on the floor and you have to squat over them to do your business. The first time I used one I slipped and got one of my socks all wet!
Asian toilet squat
Asian toilet that requires squatting down

So why am I bringing up Asian toilets? This squatting position is actual better for your rectum and decreases the pressure on those delicate blood vessels. No joke!

Diet and Exercise

Straining and hard stools can make hemorrhoids worse. Try these options in addition to others make the most of the treatments for hemorrhoids.

  • Fiber: adding fiber to your diet softens your stools and makes them easier to pass, decreasing your risk of hemorrhoids. High fiber foods include things like wholegrain, fruits and veggies.

There are plenty of fiber supplements to treat hemorrhoids out there. I tell patients to start with half the recommended daily dose, for about a week, to get your body used to the added fiber.

This way you will limit the negative side effects.

Once your body gets used to the increased fiber, people actually report less gas and bloating than before they started taking a fiber supplement. If gas is your problem, you should read how to reduce bloating.

  • Drink water: hydration plays a big role in the quality of your stool. For softer stools that are easier to pass without straining, drink more water!
  • Exercise: as little as 20-30 minutes of light exercise daily can keep your GI tract in good working order.

Take Care of Yourself

  • Soften your seat: sitting on a pillow on your office chair or bleachers at a sporting event can help decrease your hemorrhoid symptoms.
  • Give your derrière a break: if you have a desk job, or you find yourself sitting often, stand up at least once and hour for 5 minutes. This allows optimal blood flow to that area of your body, and decreases pressure on those blood vessels.
  • Cold packs: sitting on a padded cold pack a few times a day can decrease the inflammation that leads to hemorrhoids.
  • Sitz bath: fill you tub, or sitz bath (a container you can put over your toilet to sit in) with warm, not hot, water after a bowel movement. Not only will this clean the area, but it decreases your sphincter tone as well as inflammation.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids with Topical Medications

  • Preparation H: the active ingredient is called phenylephrine. Many patients say that Preparation H is the best hemorrhoid treatment, and normally this drug is  used in cold medicine because in contracts the vessels in the nose, decreasing congestion.

Preparation HInterestingly, it can also contract the vessels in the rectum, making them tighter and less inflamed.

This method temporarily relieves the itching associated with hemorrhoids, although it is not as hemorrhoid cure. 

Some people might experience a rash after the use of this cream, so if you have sensitive skin, rub a little bit of the cream on the inside of your wrist first.

If you don’t have a rash there after an hour, go ahead and try it on your hemorrhoids.

  • Tucks Pads: these pads are soaked in witch hazel extract which contains natural phytochemicals, antioxidants, and quercetin.

The pads can be folded in half and placed on the troubled area to provide a cooling sensation, and anti-inflammatory result.

  • Hydrocortisone: as a mild steroid, hydrocortisone comes in a variety of formulas like suppositories, foams, and creams.

The steroids decrease the inflammation of your hemorrhoids and is a very popular hemorrhoid medication.

So What Is the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment?

After doing some research, I found that the best hemorrhoid treatment is a product called Tronolane, which has many positive reviews. Pramoxine is the active ingredient.

It’s a topical analgesic that is also used in products to treat things like insect bites or poison ivy.

Tronolane is hard to find in your local pharmacy. You may need to order it online.

Tronolane Hemorrhoid Cream 1 Oz (3 Pack)
List Price: $16.69
Price: $16.69
Price Disclaimer

Because pramoxine is not a hemorrhoid treatment or cure, you may still need to see your physician, and consider more invasive procedures if your hemorrhoid medications just are not improving your symptoms.


In your experience, what is your best hemorrhoid treatment recommendation?


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