8 Acid Reflux Remedies You Should Try Today!

There is nothing more prone to ruining an amazing meal as much as the painful heartburn pain.

More than 50% Americans experience acid reflux pain. If you are one of them, you have surely felt the excessive chest pain caused by the tasty spicy dish you ate or after having a feast of fatty foods.

When it comes to acid reflux remedies, many over-the-counter medicines are available and often effective.

But, why fill your stomach with pills when there are so many natural remedies for acid reflux available that can relieve the pain?

Trust me, I’ve been there. I know how (and will teach YOU how) to reduce acid reflux symptoms.

Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

Aside from commonly recommended acid reflux treatments, there are other many effective natural remedies available. From acid reflux herbal remedies to nutrition remedies, there is plenty of choice for you to pick from.

1. Drink Lots of Water

Drink WaterWater can dilute gastric acids and help wash away any build-up of acid in the esophageal lining.

Drink at least two glasses of water after each meal. You should also try to drink lots of water in between meals to reduce acid reflux.

2. Chewing Gum

Most of us see chewing gum as the best friend when it comes to eliminating garlic breath, but wait until you discover this amazing purpose! Try to chew a gum after a meal as a way of reducing acid reflux pain, and discover its secret power.

A study from the Journal of Dental Research have confirmed that chewing a gum after a meal is actually one of the most effective remedies for acid reflux

At first I wondered: How can something as simple as a gum do that much work? The answer lies in the fact that the gums we chew stimulate the salivary glands. This can increase the saliva flow and dilute the acids build up in the gut. 

This is why it is working.

3. Baking Soda

Baking Soda
Baking soda is probably the most popular of the acid reflux remedies

The first time I heard this I thought: Sure, people fix everything with baking soda! Even old wives’ tales tell that baking soda is the cure for everything.

Guess what? They are right.

Even Jacqueline Wolf, an associate professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School agrees: ‘Because it’s basic in nature, it helps neutralize the gastric acid accumulation in your gut.

Why wait?

Try mixing half or a single teaspoon of this home remedy for acid reflux with a glass of water daily and see what happens!

4. Aloe Vera

Being a natural plant that is commonly known as a home remedy for soothing burns, people see it as something to use when sunburned. They rarely know its other purposes. 

Aloe vera is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties in general.

When the stomach becomes irritated and inflamed, one glass of aloe vera will help you get rid of that burning sensation caused by acid reflux.

Dr. Serpina recommends a half cup before meals, but the type without the laxative components.

5. Almonds

Reducing acid reflux is easy now when we have almonds at our reach! Run to the supermarket and buy this highly effective acid reflux remedy.

You could kill the pain  with as little as 3 to 4 almonds.

Reader’s Digest has listed this as the best natural remedy for acid reflux. Try eating raw almonds since, being rich in calcium, they can easily balance your pH. The recommended time to have them is after every meal or snack.

It is not a necessity, but being a tasty food, munching on some more is not a bad thing either.

6. Lemon Water

A cup of warm water and lemon juice is the best way to start the day. It is the best natural boost for your digestion system.

Consume this tasty beverage on an empty stomach around 15 minutes before eating your breakfast. Lemon water is known for its power of naturally balancing out acid levels.

And let’s be honest, it is not only healthy. It is refreshing, too.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar
Who knew that apple cider vinegar was a home remedy for acid reflux?

This might sound weird, but many people who suffer from acid reflux pain do not actually feel that pain because of acid overproduction. For some people it is actually the opposite.

In many cases, too little acid is produced and this is the reason why the food is not easily digested. That’s why they feel the acid reflux pain.

You probably drink tea with either honey or lemon. Be more open to new ideas – try using 1 to 2 apple cider vinegar teaspoons daily in your tea or hot drink. You may just be one of the people with lack of acid!

8. Licorice

Licorice is known to have stomach-healing properties. Chewing DGL licorice tablets before meals helps prevent heartburn and it’s a great acid reflux remedy.

So, if you were wondering how to reduce acid reflux pain, these are your solutions!

Remember, treating heartburn with medicines may be effective, but is it really necessary? With so many natural acid reflux remedies available, why not test your luck?

You may just find the perfect solution.


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